Business Subjects:

  • Product Lifecycle Management including
    • New Product Introduction
    • Product Change Management
    • End-of-Life Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Supply Base Engineering
  • Product Data Management
  • Test Engineering

Business Segments:

  • Cronus Matrix supports customers in all industries who have electronic devices containing PCBAs, cables, optics, mechanics, etc. in their products.
  • Typical supported clients come from telecommunication, customer electronics, automotive industry, medical device industry, etc.
  • Cronus Matrix is a global acting company.

Addressable Markets:

  1. Small start-up companies who design great products but cannot sufficiently support reproducibility of them.
  2. Small and mid-size companies which cannot effort to bind permanent capacity around PLCM to manage their products professionally.
  3. Companies who want to substitute permanent headcount cost against variable costs in terms of external engineering support paid per result and performance.

Contact / Kontakt

Cronus Matrix
An der Klauskirche 7
D-91282 Betzenstein

Phone: +49 (9244) 985631
Fax: +49 (9244) 9859726

[email protected]